Burditt Land | Place is an integrated planning and design firm grounded in the disciplines of community planning, landscape architecture, architecture and natural systems – all as they intersect with people, settlement and the natural world.

Our plans and designs further enhance and restore a Sense of Place representing the true character of each community, responding to the needs of people while ensuring every design honors and fits the natural canvas offered us by the Land.

We use design to enrich people’s lives and to ensure that communities succeed. A lasting core value at Burditt is to deliver exceptional design ideas and client support through transparent and fully immersed collaboration. Creative and collaborative processes build upon team communication and enriched client relationships. Strategies and ideas build upon client trust in our integrated team approach. Trust develops confidence through the sharing of project and subject knowledge, and thorough visualization of solutions that resolve long-standing community challenges within the built environment; including social, economic, and environmental concerns.

We promise to respect the uniqueness of your families, and history. Burditt Land | Place pledges that our dedicated professionals will work tirelessly in their quest to be in service to others. We pledge to help translate your vision of community into meaningful solutions that are truly authentic to your citizens and the place you call home.