Urban Forestry is a highly specialized field within the profession of forestry and the management of urban ecosystems. An urban forester is trained to work with urban forest “systems” to replenish, defend, improve, preserve and sustain trees in community settings.

Working closely with our staff of architects and landscape architects, our team of degreed urban foresters interpret what engineers and architects have designed and, in the case of Burditt projects, share responsibility for designs that will ensure tree preservation throughout the duration of the project. To design proper preservation strategies, it’s essential that all designers understand how plans and specifications will impact existing site and planted landscape trees.

In addition to design and specification assistance, Burditt’s staff is frequently called upon to assist communities in understanding what types of tree and landscape ordinances provide effective and specific results consistent with citywide goals. Assessment of ecosystem services provides understanding of the services and value trees provide to a community through carbon sequestration and stormwater reduction.

  • Tree Canopy Analysis
  • Tree Preservation Planning and Documents
  • Tree Inventory
  • Tree and Landscape Ordinance Writing and Review
  • Ecosystem Analysis